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Three Secrets of Feminine Hygiene 

Some of us may experience itching, stinging, discharge or even odour and it’s wise to see your gynecologist if you have a problem but you might want to consider changing some basic hygiene habits first.


Avoid contact with three things: 


SYNTHETIC FABRICS.  Most tampons and pads are made of manufactured fabrics like rayon, not cotton, so, try using pads and tampons made with 100% cotton. We know we are promoting our own Organ(y)c brand, but we really believe they’re better for you.

Also, wear 100% cotton underwear. We don’t sell underwear but we believe in the benefits of cotton. Save the sexy nylon, rayon, spandex and polyester thongs, panties and g-strings for special occasions. 


CHEMICALS.  All tampons and pads are bleached, most with chlorine. Chlorine is a respiratory irritant, a pollutant in rivers and streams and can produce harmful dioxins. Organ(y)c brand feminine care products are bleached with hydrogen peroxide. Hydrogen peroxide is formed in nature by the action of sunlight on water, and naturally occurs in rain. We consider it safer and more natural than chlorine bleach. 



FRAGRANCE.  For some the fragrance added to scented panty liners, pads and tampons may irritate the skin, so try to avoid those feminine care products. Organ(y)c pads and tampons don't contain scent of any kind. If you have sensitive skin, we suggest that you use soaps and laundry detergents with few or no fragrances. 




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